Graco Nautilus Elite 3-in-1 Car Seat, Tangerine

June 17, 2014 - Comment

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Patrick O says:

Road Trip Worthy Our daughter outgrew her infant seat a couple of months ago, and so we’ve been looking for a replacement for a while. This stood out, or rather the earlier model did, as it was getting among the highest reviews here and on other sites, both consumer and safety scores were among the highest.There were a few main critiques, such as overall comfort and the limited time span of the five point harness due to not having another slot for slightly larger kids.My parents ended up getting us the Nautilus. Then, this one became available. So, I have both and am happy to say that the Nautilus Elite is everything the earlier version was while addressing some of the earlier concerns. The five point harness has that extra slot, letting it be used for larger kids. Everything is cleanable, and there’s a bit more padding throughout, including on the straps. The head rest adjusts not only upwards, but also in and out, making for a larger or smaller space for children’s head…

Gadget Girl says:

Mostly great, with some irritations We bought this GN Elite as a car seat that would fit both our 5 1/2 year old (using the seat belt strap) and our 22 month old (using the 5 point harness configured to her size) for our second car that isn’t used for kids often. We already have an original Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 and a Britax Roundabout in our other car. The plusses for the Nautilus are: 1) price is excellent compared to Britax and other “higher end” models, 2) kids LOVE the “surround” of the seat and the cup holder and little pocket areas for storing their things, 3) fairly easy to take off the covers and wash them, though it’s still a big hassle, 4) the orange/grey/black color combo we bought is good looking and maintains well, 5) we’re able to fit both our kids in the seat with very little adjustment (I wouldn’t recommend doing this for everyday use – our 5 year old puts up with the harness straps being slung out of the way behind her) – we just move the headrest up and down to fit their different sizes and we’re…

-C says:

Very good but not perfect. 0

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