Graco Day 2 Night Sleep System, Ardmore

June 17, 2014 - Comment

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FC78 says:

Not for long babies that like to stretch out. 0

Cupcake says:

EXACTLY what I wish I’d had with my newborn This is absolutely the perfect combo for me–I just wish they’d had it sooner!This is an excellent set for a work-at-home parent who uses a combination car seat instead of an infant car seat.While we decided that a combo seat made the most sense for us, I often wished I had an easy way to tote my baby around (to shower, cook dinner, etc) without waking her, and I envied the infant car seat people their handy baby baskets.The baby basket bassinet thingy can sit on the stand (very handy height next to a desk or bed), on the playyard bassinet, or can be easily toted anywhere around the home without waking the baby. The stand and playyard both have great storage areas, so you can keep one in your bedroom or living room and the other in your office, and always have your supplies right at hand.The play yard is DELUXE, easy to open and close and very sturdy. I have a …

Leeshie R says:

Good & Bad I debated back and forth about how my newborn would spend his first few months…. in a bassinet? In a pack-n-play in our room? In his crib? I didn’t want to waste money on a bassinet that would only be used for (at most) the first several months of his life. I also didn’t want to have a huge pack-n-play set up in my bedroom for a tiny little baby to sleep in. I saw this “sleep system” and thought it would be perfect. To start, it’s super expensive compared to other pack-n-plays, but I reasoned that I was saving money by not buying a bassinet as well. And I do really like the bassinet that comes with it – especially since it has its own stand so I don’t have to keep the pack-n-play put together at all times. In that respect, it worked out well in the beginning.Having said all that…. we ended up bringing the actual pack-n-play portion of the system to my parents’ house so the baby would have somewhere to be changed and to sleep while he’s there. Similar to…

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